Selfies with King Juan Carlos? Just your Typical Tuesday at the Kennedy Center

His Majesty presided over the opening of the center’s “Iberian Suite: Global Arts Remix” a three-week festival of Spain, Portugal and all the other countries they influenced around the world.

Washington Post Article:  Honoring Bernardo de Galvez: Portrait at the U.S. Captiol

Teresa Valcarce cajoled Congress to honor a promise and hang a portrait of Bernardo de Galvez. Sometimes Congress takes a while to keep its promises.

2015 Annual Forum

St. Augustine, Florida
September 18th-20th 2015

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Prince Felipe as the New King of Spain

As Honorary Chair of the U.S. - Spain Council, I offer my sincerest congratulations to Crown Prince Felipe.  An accomplished man of great character, he is well suited to represent the Spanish people on the world’s stage.  I have particularly enjoyed his strong commitment to the Council.

Prince Felipe’s father, King Juan Carlos, is a man whose legacy is respected by the Spanish people as well as the world.  Under his leadership, Spain began the tough transition from authoritarian rule to burgeoning democracy.  He led his country during some of its most trying times, maintaining order and protecting the rights of his citizens.  It is my hope and belief that Prince Felipe will continue the tradition of steadfast leadership and remain a close friend of the United States.

As allies we can work together to improve the quality of life for our citizens by bolstering our economies through trade, advancing our shared cultural values, and ensuring the future safety of our communities.  I wish Prince Felipe the very best and look forward to continuing the vibrant partnership between our two countries.