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Gulfstream has led the evolution of business and personal aviation since the 1958 debut of the Gulfstream I, the world’s first purpose-built business aircraft. Today, Gulfstream produces the world’s most advanced business aircraft, with innovations from nose to tail and wingtip-to-wingtip, all while offering unmatched global product support and service. Gulfstream aircraft have grown their reputation for excellence in the decades since. A focus on innovation and a commitment to customer service are reflected in a history of industry firsts, record-setting aircraft, technological innovation, global service and support initiatives, and an expanding worldwide customer base. At Gulfstream, our history defines our future. 

Gulfstream’s commitment to excellence reflects that of its parent company, General Dynamics. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, General Dynamics is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat systems, armaments and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and information systems and technologies. General Dynamics’ workforce numbers more than 95,000 employees worldwide.

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ACCIONA inaugurates its eighth US wind farm in Texas

San Roman Wind Farm, with 93MW, will produce energy to power more than 30,000 homes. The company reaches 721 MW of wind capacity in the country.

Designing America: Spain’s Imprint in the U.S.

The U.S. Spain Council played a significant role recently in opening the doors for the informative exhibit, Designing America: Spain’s Imprint in the U.S., to be displayed in Santa Barbara, California as part of its US tour. Organized by Fundación Consejo Espana-EE.UU., the U.S. Spain Council’s counterpart in Spain, the exhibit was previously on display in Madrid, Washington DC and Houston.

Fundación Consejo España–Estados Unidos at the XXI Forum

Under the leadership of Honorary Chair U.S. Senator Kaine (D-VA) and Chairman José Manuel Entrecanales, the United States Spain Council and its Spanish counterpart, the Fundación Consejo España–Estados Unidos, will convene prominent leaders of the public and private sectors to discuss common interests at the XXI Forum.

XX Annual Forum Garners Coverage Across the Americas and in Spain

The XX U.S.-Spain Annual Forum, held in St. Augustine, FL from September 18-20, 2015 garnered media attention both in the U.S. and abroad.

Kaine: Pope’s visit is a reminder of America’s Hispanic roots

Senator Tim Kaine reflects on how Pope Francis' U.S. visit is a reminder of our country's Hispanic roots.This op-ed originally ran in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on September 22, 2015.

Emb. James Costos: Por qué es importante la relación España-EEUU

U.S. Ambassador to Spain James Costos highlights Their Royal Majesties’ first official visit as King and Queen to the United States, which culminated at the XX U.S.-Spain Council Annual Forum, in op-ed posted in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Inter-American Dialogue to Honor Spain’s Felipe González & Mexico’s Daniel Chávez Morán

Washington, DC – The Inter-American Dialogue will honor former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González and Grupo Vidanta founder Daniel Chávez Morán at its inaugural Leadership for the Americas Awards Gala on November 17, 2015 in Washington, DC. Over 500 US and foreign dignitaries are expected to attend the event.

Understanding the Berbers: The Many Faces of a Nomadic People

Member sheds light on the story of the Berbers is complex, their association with the “Spanish” conquest of the Americas is often forgotten.